Cost of Electronic Cigarettes Compared to Tobacco Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are becoming very popular lately for a number of good reasons. One of the main reasons why people prefer to use these cigarettes instead of regular tobacco is the economical value of these smoking devices. They also do not contain tobacco, which means there are no worries such as second-hand smoke.


Since these devices only produce vapor, there is no foul smoke that can stink up your breath, clothes and the air around you. Although there is a need for extensive studies to prove the safety of these products, one definite thing about these products is the absence of harmful chemicals that are normally included in tobacco cigarettes. Even cheaper electronic cigarettes taste much better because of the flavored liquid nicotine that add to the enjoyment of vaping.

Cost of Electronic Cigarettes Compared to Tobacco Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are available in two varieties such as the e-cig starter kits and disposable. A disposable electronic cigarette such as NJoy, V2 and VaporZone look just like your regular cigarettes in terms of size and appearance. With a disposable cigarette, you can expect it to last for up to 40 cigarettes’ smokes. However, the number still depends on the actual number of puffs you make, and the number of times per day that you use these devices. As long as you no longer find any vapor appearing on the cigarette, then that is the time to throw away these disposable forms of e-cigs.

On the other hand, a reusable electronic cigarette comes with a refillable cartridge or tank, as well as a rechargeable battery. You may buy the electronic liquid separately and fill the cartridge before you can enjoy the delightful experience of vaping. These cigarettes also vary is shape and size, and there are small ones that resemble your regular cigarette while there are others with large tanks and batteries. There are also brands that come with different colors, so users can choose the kind of design that will meet their preferences. Cheap brands of reusable e-cigs can last as long as the battery has a charge, and the unit can last for years.

Determining the Cost of E-Cigs

The electronic liquid you use for your reusable e-cigs is a bit cheap, which means you can save more money with this option. In fact, a small bottle that has about 7 to 10 ml can last up to a week. The price depends on the brand, and there are those that charge about $5.99 per 7 ml bottle while others cost as low as $3 for the same volume of liquid.

Reusable ones are also sold in kits that contain everything you need to get started. These items include a cartridge, a rechargeable battery, and a USB charger, and these can all be arranged in a nice case for your convenience. If you want, you can buy a kit with two chargers and two other cartridges.

As for the price, you can find a good one that costs $80, or you may settle for a cheaper model with good quality at about $40 or $60. You may also wish to splurge a bit and opt for a kit that comes with a hundred dollar price tag, and this gives you a chance to enjoy fantastic accessories. Lastly, there are e-cig retailers that let you build or customize your own kit, which means you can select the contents you need. By choosing this option, you may save more money since you can choose accessories that fit your budget.

Reusable electronic cigarettes come with more options for the flavor, as compared with disposable varieties. There are even hundreds of flavors that you can buy for your tank refills, and these flavors range from candy, menthol, and tobacco.

It is important to note that e-liquids contain minimal amounts of nicotine that can satisfy the craving of any smoker. These nicotine levels depend on the needs or users, and there are those that do not have any nicotine content. With this feature, you can significantly cut down your intake of nicotine and eventually stop the habit of smoking permanently.

These are only some of the benefits that you can expect from using electronic cigarettes instead of tobacco. The cost of these smoking devices may be initially expensive when you buy a kit, but the savings are evident when you start saving on cartridges. You will not only spare yourself from fatal diseases caused by tobacco, but you can save more money with these smoking devices.

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