Do e-cigs contain anti-freeze and should you be worried?

Do ecigs contain antifreeze?Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine and water solution that is used to produce vapor. In addition, these devices have another special ingredient called propylene glycol, which serves as a solvent. Although this substance is used in anti-freeze, the amount used in e-cigs is so minimal that it is not harmful at all.

Keep in mind that this ingredient should not be confused with another substance called ethylene glycol, which is an essential component in automobile antifreeze. In fact, this is the one that is toxic, and electronic cigarettes do not have this harmful ingredient.

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Is There Really Anti-Freeze in Electronic Cigarettes?

A number of newer types of anti-freezes come with propylene glycol because of the non-toxic feature of this component. Propylene glycol has also been used as an anti-freeze in places where this substance is likely to come into contact with food products. Although propylene glycol has been considered as safe by the FDA, and despite the fact that this ingredient has always been present in medical and food products for a number of years, many people still feel worried each time the word “anti-freeze” is mentioned.

It is common for individuals to assume that this is similar to ethylene glycol, which makes them fear the safety of electronic cigarettes. They tend to think negative things about the smoking device even without conducting research about it first.

What is Propylene Glycol?

Propylene glycol is a type of food additive that is completely safe for humans. It is also used as a moisture stabilizer or humectant, emulsifier, and a solvent for products that are not water-soluble. A number of injectable, topical and oral pharmaceutical products contain propylene glycol, and this ingredient is used as a solvent. Moreover, this ingredient is included in mouthwashes, moisturizers, shampoos, hand sanitizers, massage oils, and almost anything that needs to remain moist.

Based on a statement by the CDC, propylene glycol is a kind of synthetic liquid that is capable of absorbing water easily. It is also effective for use in polyester compounds, as well as for deicing solutions. It is used by various industries such as pharmaceutical, food and chemical as an anti-freeze in case leakage may come into contact with food.

Furthermore, the FDA has already recognized propylene glycol as a type of additive that is safe for use even in food products. It can help absorb extra moisture and retain it in certain cosmetics, food, and pharmaceutical products.

This solvent is ideal for food flavors and colors, as well as in plastic and paint industries. Lastly, this substance is used to produce artificial fog or smoke in theatrical productions.

Is Propylene Glycol Safe?

Without a doubt, propylene glycol is quite safe to use. It is FDA-approved for use in products that require food additives. The product has also received positive claims from industries, and there is no reason for individuals to fear or worry about the safety of this substance. What’s more, the mere fact that it works in reducing water’s freezing temperature makes it safe and practical to use.

However, there have been issues that date back in 2009 when 18 electronic cigarettes from 2 manufacturers were tested by the FDA for safety. One of the cartridges was discovered to have a minimal amount of diethylene glycol, which is a toxic anti-freeze ingredient and humectant. This was immediately reported by the FDA, and it caused several people to be worried about these smoking devices. However, there are insufficient studies conducted on the safety of e-cigs, as well as the composition of these products. This means, there is a lack of reasonable basis for these false claims about electronic cigarettes.

Bottom Line

Basically, electronic cigarettes are designed to help individuals slowly eliminate the habit of smoking. These devices are among the different smoking cessation products available, although there are still those who question the safety of electronic cigarettes.

Since there is a lack of research and clinical trials on the benefits of this device, some people are uncertain whether they should try it or not. However, if you look at e-cigs in the viewpoint of a user, you will realize that there is nothing to worry about with these products. A huge percentage of e-cig users claim the benefits of these devices, which are indeed safe, effective, and barely caused any health issues at all.

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