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Memorial Day Weekend Sale: May 23-26


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More information about V2cigs.com

V2 Cigs is an online electronic cigarette store that sells starter kits, batteries, electronic cigarette products and accessories. There are various benefits to ordering from the online store, such as various shipping options, good customer service, and promotions and discounts which are held throughout the year.

There are a number of products that can aid in the transition when quitting conventional cigarette brands and opting for an electronic cigarette brand. V2 Cigs are also popular with people who are making the switch from another e-cig brand. Please note that V2 electronic cigarettes are only available to adults 18 years or older.

If this is the first time order from V2cigs.com, you’ll find their website extremely easy to use. The idea is to make the transition from analog to electronic cigarettes as easy as possible and that is reflected even in V2’s website design.

Batteries manufactured by the company generate a vapor that doesn’t cause you to cough and splutter. There are also several different e-liquids available, and you will be able to choose a flavor and strength of nicotine. Tobacco and menthol options are available, and these are beneficial if you have been smoking conventional brands for a prolonged period of time.

However, other flavors are available and you may wish to try a few. There are also a number of starter kits to choose from, including the V2 Starter Kits which comes with cartridge, battery, manual, wall adapter, and a USB charger. 

V2cigs offers a 30-day warranty on all their products as well as a lifetime limited warranty on most batteries and chargers. We’ve never really had any issues with their products but if you’re concerned about those sort of things, this should put you at a little ease!

Note: if you’re only interested in getting e-liquids, Vapor Zone might be a better option than V2 Cigs. If you decide to order from vaporzone.com, check out these Vapor Zone coupons for great deals on Vapor Zone e-liquids, starter kits, and accessories.