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Vapor Zone has a Loyalty Program that offers its customers great deals for buying their products. It works like this. For every dollar spent you gain 1 point, when you receive 100 points you have in turn earned $10 dollars towards your next purchase 200 points equates to $20 dollars and so on. But thats not all. VaporZone also offers special rewards on social media and much more. Here’s a image taken directly from their site.

Vapor Zone loyalty program allows you to save money

If you’re just switching from cigarettes to e-cigs, you may want to try a brand that’s more cigarette-like in appearance. Studies have shown that cigarette-like e-cigs improve your chances of quitting in the long-run as you’re feeling the sensation of smoking much closer. V2 Cigs is one of the best brands that comes to mind in the cigarette-like department. Give them a try and let us know what you think. Here’s a special V2 promo code you can use on your order to get the best deals on starter kits and e-liquids.

VaporZone is not only great when it comes to receiving professional quality products but it is also great when it comes to saving and customer service. They have one of the highest-ranking customer services in the ecig market and with this comes happy customers. Speaking of happy customers, im sure you will be to once you give Vapor Zone a try, and here are some good reasons why.

Every Vapor Zone e-cig product comes with a 90-day warranty, except for clearance items, e-liquids, atomizer heads or cartridges. If you experience any issues with your product they urge you to contact them so you can receive a Return Merchandise Authorization. Upon receiving this all defected items must be sent in within 20 days in order for an exchange to occur.

VaporZone offers a 30-day risk free shopping with a money back guarantee. There site starts off by saying “live a little”. Because satisfaction is their main goal they ask you to take a chance.

Don’t worry about the “what if’s” because they never want you to feel tied down by the chances of being burned. With Vapor Zones 30 day money back guarantee if anything fails to satisfy you or work properly give them a call and they promise to handle it and make it as easy as possible for you.

Another great services offered by Vapor Zone is the Refer-a-Friend Program. For every person you send their way they will reward you with $15 Vapor Zone gift certificate! The savings with this are great! The certificate can be used to save onany Vapor Zone e cig and can be used at anytime.

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