E-Cigs vs Chantix: Which One Should You Choose?

E-cigs vs ChantixAt present, about 9 million individuals in the United States have been prescribed to take Chantix, a type of non-nicotine smoking cessation method approved by the FDA. As compared to electronic cigarettes, this medication may have its benefits and drawbacks in terms of cost and effects. Although most people believe that Chantix is effective and studied extensively by researchers, there are some limitations to using this product. Read along and discover more about this product in this e-cigs vs Chantix comparison.

Key Facts about Chantix

Chantix is the brand name of the drug called varenicline, which works by preventing large amounts of nicotine molecules from reaching your brain receptors. The drug block the spaces in these receptors, so nicotine cannot enter.

Each time you smoke, nicotine stimulates these brain receptors and causes a release of dopamine, which is a brain chemical responsible for that pleasurable feeling you obtain from food, drugs and sex. In simpler terms you may feel good for only a short while. Th drug attaches itself to the nicotine receptors, which means smoking barely has any effects. It is important to note that Chantix also provides your body with dopamine, which is a result of its latching to nicotine receptors that cause you to feel good all over.

One of the distinct elements of Chantix is that this smoking cessation medication may be used after smokers are encouraged to continue their smoking habits for the initial 7 days of treatment. Hence, this allows the drug to accumulate in a person’s body, and it will lead to a reduction in effects of nicotine because of the medication’s ability to block nicotine. Thus, cigarettes will no longer be pleasurable to users after a while that they use the medication.

On the other hand, electric¬†cigarettes function in a more direct means. With the use of pharmaceutical-grade liquid nicotine, e-cigs offer you a better access to nicotine without receiving massive quantities of harmful chemicals that are normally found in tobacco cigarettes. With this in mind, your brain receptors are stimulated the way they normally are. The chemical’s effect is linked to its structure, and while varenicline fits into the same area as nicotine can, this means there are no identical properties and effects between the two.

Cost of Chantix vs E-Cigarettes

The prescribed time scale for anyone who plans to take Chantix is three months. However, the cost of Chantix that is good for this length of time is about $360, which can be very expensive. Aside from thinking about the price, you also need to consider the initial 7-day period that you use this medication. This equates to the cost of smoking cigarettes for a week. Some insurance providers may also cover the drug, but you cannot deny the fact that the cost remains notable.

However, electronic cigarette starter kits may be bought for $60 or something cheaper, which means you are left with about $300 to spend on other items such as liquids and cartridges before you can meet the actual cost of Chantix.

Although cartridges may be costly, it is not impossible to buy about 80 for only $119. This is equivalent to 5 cartridges for less than $10. In this aspect, a starter kit with at least 190 cartridges for the same price may cost as much as a 3-month supply of this drug.

A number of vapers may use at least one cartridge per day, yet using two cartridges could mean vaping for about 95 days. When you buy a starter kit, you can get about 10 cartridges that may last up to 5 days for heavy vapers.

Which is More Economical?

With a number of side effects you can expect from using Chantix and minimal information about the efficacy and safety of electronic cigarettes, the choice between these two smoking cessation method may be simple.

Are you comfortable with taking a drug that is potentially dangerous, which is peddled in a misleading manner by manufacturers? The truth is, Chantix is a breakthrough product, but reality kicks in and presents things as not exactly how they are.

When you consider the price, extensive study made, and potential risks, it appears that electronic cigarettes are more practical to use. You will not only be able to gain remarkable benefits from these smoking devices, but you can increase your savings significantly.

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