E-Cigs vs Nicorette: Pros and Cons

E-Cigs Vs NicorretteSome people wonder if they are better off using electronic cigarettes than any other smoking cessation products such as Nicorette. Although these are both effective and relatively safe to use, electronic cigarettes have an edge above nicotine gums.

For instance, electronic cigarettes products provide nicotine to users in quite a similar manner as a regular cigarette. Vapor is inhaled and enters the lungs, which results to the same kind of satisfaction one gets from a regular cigarette. On the other hand, nicotine gum is ingested instead of inhaled as how e-cigarettes work.

E-Cigs Vs Nicorette: Which is Better?

According to most nicotine gum users, they end up returning to their smoking habits because they fail to gain satisfaction from using these products. They also long for the feel and mouth movement that come with smoking a cigarette.

Nicotine is a substance that does not cause any worries among doctors, as compared to thousands of chemicals found in a tobacco cigarette. In fact, it is these toxic chemicals that cause a series of ailments among users. Thus, the nicotine content in electronic cigarettes and Nicorette is not quite alarming for smokers because it is only in minimal amount. In addition, electronic cigarettes come with different doses of nicotine to help users cut down their nicotine intake significantly.

For instance, there are those that barely have the same nicotine concentration as with regular cigarettes, and some even have zero nicotine content. As time passes, e-cig users can reduce their nicotine intake and eventually quit smoking permanently.

Why Choose E-Cigarettes Over Nicorette

An electronic cigarette is a device used to help smokers minimize their nicotine intake until they are able to stop smoking for good. Since the ingredients in these smoking devices are pharmaceutical-grade, it is impossible for these to cause health risks to users. All this device does is to provide individuals with the experience of smoking even without causing health problems to them.

So, not only are these smoking devices safe to use, but they are also more effective than other products such as Nicorette. As users get a drag from an e-cigarette, they are able to feel the warmth and sensation of having tobacco smoke into their lungs – even if this device does not contain tobacco at all!

Smokeless cigarettes have the similar look, taste and feel as a traditional cigarette, yet the only difference is the composition of these devices. They are completely safe because of the absence of negative contents in tobacco cigarettes such as tar and over 4000 chemical additives that lead to a range of illnesses such as cardiovascular and respiratory disorders. As they exhale, vapor is released into the air instead of the usual thick and foul-smelling smoke in regular cigarettes.

This means, there are no bad effects for both users and non-smokers. It is possible to use an e-cig even in public places since it does not emit smoke that not only sticks to one’s hair, clothes and skin, but cause illnesses due to second-hand smoke.

Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

An e-cigarette serves as a better alternative to cigars, pipes and tobacco cigarettes. Since these devices are free form chemicals, you are not putting your health in jeopardy as you smoke these e-cigarettes.

You can also spare the people around you from various ailments since they no longer have to inhale tobacco into their lungs. Indeed, electronic cigarettes prove to be a healthier and nature-friendly option to traditional cigarettes.

Most importantly, you can save so much money from these devices because the cost of cartridge is cheaper than a pack of cigarettes. You can even choose from different flavored cartridges or e-liquid (from companies such as nicquid) that will make the entire experience of vaping even more fascinating.

Bottom Line

Overall, electronic cigarettes are certain better alternatives to their conventional counterpart since there is no tobacco content in these devices. E-cigs also remain as the top choice of most individuals because they do no emit tar and carbon monoxide, and they still offer users with the right amount of nicotine to take the place of their regular cigarettes.

Although there is still a need for extensive studies to prove the efficacy and safety of these devices, the positive feedback of most e-cig users is one proof that this smoking cessation method works better than Nicorette and other similar products.

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