E-Cigs vs Tobacco Cigarettes

E-Cigs vs tobacco cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs are gaining popularity among more and more smokers because of the astounding benefits that these smoking devices offer. If you are wondering whether you should switch to e-cigs or continue smoking your regular cigarettes, then you might want to check out this e-cigs vs tobacco cigarettes comparison to help you decide.

Components of electronic cigarettes

E-cigs use an e-liquid that contains nicotine. It is made of ingredients that are used in pharmaceutical and food products. The nicotine ensures you of that authentic smoking experience, yet e-cigs do not contain other harmful substances that regular cigarettes have.

On the other hand, tobacco cigarettes has about 600 components, and the burning process leads to the production of more than 4000 substances that are both carcinogenic and poisonous. Although nicotine is addictive, tobacco cigarette smokers are up for even greater health risks because of the hazardous component found in each cigarette stick.

Health issues: e-cigarettes vs. tobacco cigarettes

According to the 2010 report by the BMC Public Health, a vast percentage of e-cig users have much higher energy levels, more physically fit, and rarely suffered from coughing, as compared to those who smoked regular cigarettes. Since there is no burning process that exists in using e-cigarettes, less chemicals are produced each time you vape. This means, there are less chances of getting all those life-threatening chemicals that tobacco cigarettes contain.

Tobacco cigarettes pose serious dangers to your health as the different components are burned and undergo chemical change. In fact, scientific sources claim that smoking regular cigarettes lead to fatal ailments such as heart disease, strokes, and lung cancer. Smoking makes you at risk of all these diseases, and you are putting your health and life in jeopardy each time you light up a cigarette.

Difficulty in quitting

Almost every smoker you know probably undergo a very difficult time trying to quit cigarette smoking. No matter how hard they try, it seems next to impossible to lose the habit of smoking because it is intensely addicting. For instance, they start by reducing their intake of tobacco cigarettes slowly, and some people gain success in doing so as the nicotine level in their body decrease. Unfortunately, there are other things that people battle with such as psychological aspects. For instance, some smokers crave for a tobacco cigarette whenever they feel anxious, sad or stressed out. As they go through the rigorous process of quitting smoking, they first find themselves exposed to poisonous substances that are only found in tobacco.

With electronic cigarettes, you will have to deal with psychological issues linked with the process of quitting. There are those who barely find any consolation with nicotine patches or nicotine gum since there is something about the act of smoking that matters more to them.

However, what’s unique about e-cigs is that you do not need to quit smoking before you can stop taking in nicotine. You can still smoke as frequently as you want and reduce the nicotine level in the e-liquid that you use. The American Journal of Preventive Medicine published a study that showed how 30 percent of individuals who switched to e-cigs were able to quit smoking successfully. Hence, this serves as a brilliant solution for those who have trying to quit for years without obtaining positive results.

Social concerns

When you smoke tobacco cigarettes, you may notice that your social life is impacted heavily by smoking whether it is in a positive or negative way. It is not surprising that smoking turns out to be a social event where people just get together for a drink and smoke. While you may enjoy this habit, non-smokers consider this as a curse to their health. The smell and smoke are twice as bad for these people, so you may end up creating serious problems not only to your health, but for the people around you, as well.

Fortunately, there is no such thing as second-hand smoking with e-cigs. This device does not emit thick smoke that comes with a foul odor, so you are not harming others when you smoke around them. Most importantly, there is no mess during and after you vape. The light mist that the device emits disappears instantly, and there is no undesirable odor that sticks to your clothes or hair.

Conclusion: Are e-cigs worst than cigarettes?

Overall, smoking e-cigs proves to be a much better option than regular cigarettes because of the extensive benefits that these devices offer. Not only will you free yourself from carcinogenic components in tobacco cigarettes, but you can spare others from the dangers as you smoke.

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