E-Cigs Vs Cigarettes: What’s the safer option

Ecigs Vs CigsMost ecigs seem similar in appearance to traditional e-cigs but to see the difference you must look inside the products. The main difference is that e-cigs do not contain tobacco, instead there is a mechanism that heats liquid nicotine, which turns into vapor which smokers then in hale and exhale. The manufactures of electronic cigarettes and regular customers say that the nicotine they inhale offers many advantages over regular cigarette smoke. While others disagree that these products should have tight regulations or even illegal since the health issues of e-cigs have not been fully researched or concluded.

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Supporters and users of these products say that they feel better using e-cigs then they did when they were smoking tobacco. In a study done of 40 tobacco smokers, scientist found that smoking e-cigs alleviated the desires they had to smoke tobacco.

They also showed how the use of e-cigs decreased the withdrawal symptoms that other solution such as the patch could not do. On top of this a survey was taken in 2010 where researchers polled visitors of a websites and discussion forum made sole for e-cig users. It concluded that out of 3, 587 participants, former users consisted of 70%, 61% of them were men and the median age was around 41 years old.

On average these participants used e-cigs for 3 months, took around 120 puffs, and went through 5 cartridges a day. After this study 96% admitted that the e-cig helped them quit smoking, while 92% are now smokeless. They described how the e-cig helped them fight cravings, cope with withdrawals, and avoid relapsing back to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Another benefit supporters argue is that e-cigs are recyclable unlike regular cigarettes which makes them an environmentally friendly alternative. Some companies even give benefits for recycling their products such as giving users free products. This is also another great way where consumers can save money while doing something that makes them feel good.

However, because electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco, they are not subject to the US tobacco laws other argues this can cause a large problem. Children under the age of 18 can legally purchase these products without the use of an ID especially online. The individuals against ecigs argue its nothing more than a marketing strategy to get younger children hooked on nicotine which will end lead to higher revenues for these companies. They argue the health risks have not been concluded and should be illegal on the market until proven otherwise.

This controversy is ongoing and will likely end here in the soon future. Then end conclusion? Well we’re not really sure what it will be, but we urge you all to research your facts and make yourself informed before you ultimately decide for yourself.

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