How Do E-Cigarettes Work?

Using a match or lighter to light a traditional cigarette causes the tobacco to burn and in turn release nicotine which is then inhaled by the user and released into their lungs which then flows into the bloodstream. This is a very addictive habit which can be hard for some users to rid.

Electronic cigarettes, however, are based on the usage of combustion. This is a process where a heating mechanism, known as an atomizer, heats the nicotine liquid known as e-liquid, and converts it into mist or vapor which is then inhaled by the user. As the user inhales, they get a “dose” of flavored nicotine that lacks the chemicals typically produced and found in burning tobacco.

They also get the oral satisfaction of bringing a cigarette-like device to their mouths, which other nicotine replacements do not offer. Depending on the type of ecigs some are made to automatically vaporize once you begin to suck on the mouthpiece and is made for those who are less advanced or prefer this type, where others are done manually by pressing a button on the ecig.

how ecigs work

What are eCigs made of?

They are made of 3 main parts:

  • Cartridge
  • Atomizer
  • Battery

The first piece of the device is the mouthpiece also known as the cartridge. This piece holds an absorbable component that absorbs and holds the various types of e-liquids. These pieces can either be refilled or replaced when needed usually depending on the type of ecig being used.

The second most important part of the electronic cigarette is the Atomizer. This piece is essential to the ecig because its function is to heat the e-liquid which then vaporizes it so that it can be inhaled by the user. Without this important piece there would be no production of vapor. This piece is usually be replaced ever 4 to 6 months depending on how much it is used and the quality of the product.

Lastly, there is the battery, and other electrical components which give the device the energy it needs to work effectively. Most of the time the battery is lithium-ion which is rechargeable. The performance and life of the battery usually depends on how much it is used, the environment in which it is used, the type and the size. There are usually several ways to charge these devices which include, wall chargers, USB’s, and car chargers. To tell when they need to be charged most come with an led light that will flash when it is on the verge of dying.

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