Apollo E-Cig Review

Price: $54.95 - $119.95

Cartridges Cost: $6.95
Cartridge Life: 200 Puffs
Battery Life: 350 Puffs+
Charger Options: Wall, USB, Car & PPC


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For this review, we wanted to try out the Apollo Standard kit (white color). This kit is tailored towards novice vapers as it includes the cigarette-like design batteries. We’ll have a review of the eGo and VTube kit out soon but first let’s see how the Standard Kit performed over the 2 1/2 weeks we used it.

Apollo E-Cig Hands-On Review:

Apollo E-Cig is an online e-cigarette store that specializes in starter kits, batteries, accessories, and electronic cigarette products. Products manufactured by the company are of a high quality, and there is plenty to choose from, with a number of product pages on the company website. Free delivery is available on orders that exceed $50 and there are various shipping options. Here is a in-depth Apollo e-cig review, with focus on the products they manufacture (thanks to our friends at ecigadvanced for this awesome video).


Starter Kits Offered:

  • Standard Starter Kit – $69.95
  • Extreme Starter Kit – $54.95
  • Apollo e-cig review - starter kit comparisonSuperior eGo Kit – $69.95
  • eSlim Kit V2.0 – $69.95
  • VTube Kit V3.0 – $119.95

The Starter Kits above are listed starting at the top from beginner to experienced smokers. The Apollo e-cig Standard Starter Kit is recommended for beginning smokers who smoke a very light amount, where as the Extreme Starter Kit is recommended for intermediate smokers who are medium smokers, and so on.

If interested you could visit appoloecigs.com to see a visual of the recommendations they offer for these starter kits. Apollo electronic cigarette also has one of the largest options to choose from when it comes to clearomizers.

Apollo clearomizers

Apollo eCig cartridge flavorsE-Liquids Offered:

  • Baja Burst E-Liquid- $6.95
  • Banana Cream E-Liquid- $6.95
  • Berry Blend E-Liquid- $6.95
  • Blueberry + Kona Coffee E-Liquid- $6.95
  • Candy Cane E-Liquid – – $6.95
  • Cappuccino E-Liquid- $6.95
  • Cherry E-Liquid- $6.95
  • Cherry Limeade E-Liquid- $6.95
  • Apollo Bulk Discount E-Liquids – 5 Pack 10ml- $29.75
  • Apollo Bulk Discount E-Liquids – 10 Pack 10ml- $54.75

Although, Apollo e-Cig does not offer a large variety of e-liquids they do offer high quality. Each e-liquid has a very strong satisfying tastes and makes your vaping experience that much more enjoyable. On top of that they are all very affordable and each flavor has a small description describing its taste so you know exactly what your buying before you try out yourself.

If you are still skeptical about the flavors Apollo ecig offers customers the option of purchasing a sample pack that comes with 5-10 of their best flavors and ranges from $9.95-$19.95 depending on the size of your order.

Apollo e-liquid review

Also Apollo e-cig manufactures all their e-liquids in California, with a  99-percent pure tested nicotine. Apollo’s e-liquid is packaged in small, 10-milliliter childproof bottles which can be easily hidden away in pockets, enabling users to fill their empty cartridges on the go.

Nicotine Levels:

  •  2.4: The strength of this nicotine would be compared to whiskey. When it hits your throat it is straight up and perfectly potent. This type of nicotine strength is made for heavy smokers who go through 2 or more packs a day.
  •  1.8: This strength is more like a shot of Merlot. When it hits your throat it is strong, not as harsh, and satisfying. This one is also for a heavy smoker who goes though 2 or more packs a day.
  • 1.2: This strength can be compared to beer. It is tasty and has a full body effect. This was made for the light smoker who goes through a pack or so a day.
  • 0.6: This in comparison would be described as a wine spritzer because it goes down with ease. This is more for smokers who go through less than 1 pack a day.
  • 0: This is considered the sparkling cider of the e-cigs because it does nothing more than give you a cool refreshing taste. This is for the occasional smoker who does not even get close to finishing a pack a day.


Apollo e-Cig come with an automatic batteries. Many eCig smokers tend to prefer automatic batteries because they provide a authentic smoking experience. Once charged the battery gives you an astounding 350 to 400 puffs, which is the equivalent of 35 to 40 traditional cigarettes. These outstanding mechanisms put the Apollo e-cig Kit at the forefront of the electronic cigarette industry when it comes to quality.

Each battery can be roughly charged 300 times before it dies if properly taken care of.

Apollo e Cig starter kit review and comparison


  • Quality e-liquids made in the US
  • Outstanding battery life and performance
  • Variety of nicotine levels
  • Starter Kits made for different variety of smokers
  • Great customer service
  • Life time warranties
  • 30 day return policy


  • Packaging looks a little outdated
  • Website could be a little more user friendly

Read our latest e-cigarette review and comparisons on popular starter kits and let us know if you’ve tried any of the brands recently! We’re also looking for recommendations from our users on what e-cigs to review. Is there a brand you’d recommend?

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