V2 Cigs Review

Price: $24.95 - $159.95

Cartridge Flavors: 13
Cartridges Cost: $9.95 (pack of 5)
Nicotine Strengths: 5
Money Back Guarantee: 30 days
Warranty: Lifetime
Shipping: Free Domestic Shipping


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V2 Cigs has become one of the most familiar brands in the e-cig world. To find out whether it’s all just hype or if there is something to back up their claims, we decided to order V2’s top kits and test them out for ourselves. We’ve been using the Ultimate Kit and Standard Kit for the past two weeks and the review below is our honest appraisal of our experience.

V2 Cigs Overview

According to the internet traffic data company Alexa, V2 Cigs is the most visited online electronic cigarette company in the world. The company specializes in electronic cigarette products, starter kits, accessories, and batteries, with an ever-expanding product range. Their website is easy to use with a number of different features, and ordering from the company couldn’t be easier, with various shipping options and competitive prices. The company also run a number of different promotions and discounts throughout the year, allowing customers to save even more money on their purchase. Here is a review of V2 Cigs, with emphasis on the products and services available to customers.

V2 Cigs is based in Miami, Florida and is a sister company of Vapor Couture, a website that manufactures electronic cigarette products primarily designed for female smokers.

V2 Starter Kits

V2 offers a variety of starter kits, all of which are great for beginners.

V2 Cigs starter kits - v2 cigs review

  • V2 Power Cig $29.95
  • Beginners Kit 34.95
  • V2 Standard Kit $59.95
  • V2 Standard Kit Plus $99.95
  • V2 Couples Kit $114.95
  • V2 Ultimate Kit $149.95

Many products ordered online sometimes end up being broken once delivered to a customer. It is not because of the content or the mailing service but because of the packaging of the products. However, unlike many other companies V2 Cigs packs their kits in a way that if they were to be handled in a harmful manner, it would pose no  risk of the products breaking. This is evident by the cushioning that is provided by the plastic materials found inside the V2 Cigs box.

A starter kit can be a cost effective way to purchase all the equipment you need to start vaping. There are several to choose from on the V2 online store, including the V2 Starter Kit, which is one of the most popular. The starter kit includes a USB charger, wall adapter, cartridge, instructional guide and a high quality battery. The USB charger and wall adapter are small enough to keep inside a small bag or pocketbook and allow you to charge your device when you are on the go. Plug the USB charger into a laptop or computer and charge your electronic cigarette when you are at work or on vacation. You can also use the wall adapter when you don’t have access to a computer.

There are also a wide range of filters to choose from. Customers can choose from a total of ten flavors, including menthol and tobacco options. These flavors are a good way to introduce yourself to vaping if you have never used electronic cigarette products before. They replicate the taste of conventional cigarette brands that you may have tried in the past, and can aid in the transition between regular cigarette usage and switching to an electronic brand.

You will also need to choose a nicotine strength when ordering your products. Remember to select a nicotine strength that is similar to a regular cigarette brand that you have used in the past.

New V2 Cigs E-Liquids

V2cigs e-liquids are really tasty and offer a smooth vape. My favorite flavors are Sahara and V2 red but flavors are subjective and you may find other flavors more appealing.

V2 Cigs E-liquid - V2cigs review

  • Rubber Drip Tip: $2.95
  • Aluminum Drip Tip: $5.95
  • V2 Blank Cartriges(5 pack): $7.95
  • V2 Ex Blanks(3 pack): $14.95
  • V2 Platinum E-Liquid (25 ML): $16.95
  • V2 Platinum E-Liquid(50 ML): $29.95
  • Zig-Zag E-Liquid(60 ML): $39.95
  • V2 Blank Cartriges(60 pack): $54.95

Flavors Include:

V2 Red, Sahara, Congress, V2 Menthol, Peppermint, Green Tea Menthol, Cherry, Coffee, Vanilla, V2 Cola

V2 Cigs flavor review

V2 Cigs offers a great selection of e-liquid flavors as well as cartridges.Whether you like fruity and dessert taste, or if you’re still drawn to the tobacco flavors, V2 Cigs makes some great e-liquids!

Nicotine Levels

  • 2.4: The strength of this nicotine would be compared to whiskey. When it hits your throat it is straight up and perfectly potent. This type of nicotine strength is made for heavy smokers who go through 2 or more packs a day.
  • 1.8: This strength is more like a shot of Merlot. When it hits your throat it is strong, not as harsh, and satisfying. This one is also for a heavy smoker who goes though 2 or more packs a day.
  • 1.2: This strength can be compared to beer. It is tasty and has a full body effect. This was made for the light smoker who goes through a pack or so a day.
  • 0.6: This in comparison would be described as a wine spritzer because it goes down with ease. This is more for smokers who go through less than 1 pack a day.
  • 0: This is considered the sparkling cider of the e-cigs because it does nothing more than give you a cool refreshing taste. This is for the occasional smoker who does not even get close to finishing a pack a day.

Battery Performance

From testimonials given by V2 Cig users we have  concluded that the standard automatic battery last around 250 puffs where as the longer automatic ecig battery lasts a little longer, 450 puffs. When the ecig begins to die down you will easily tell because the strength of the hits begin to decrease. To prevent this you can carry a spare or just remember to charge it every night so that the next day you’ll have it ready to go!

V2 Cigs battery review

Batteries manufactured by the company provide an authentic smoking experience, generating a high quality vapor with every puff. An individual will receive a hit of nicotine when inhaling from the device, and the vapor is easy to consume and never harsh on the throat. These batteries are long lasting, durable ad easy to charge.

If you’re considering ordering V2 Cigs products, these money-saving V2 Cigs promo codes can help you get an additional 10-15% off all products.


  • Excellent packaging
  • Long battery life
  • Satisfying tobacco flavors
  • Quality e-liquid
  • Great vapor production (more than most brands)
  • Provides both automatic and manual battery options
  • Gives users a lifetime limited warranty
  • Overall great quality and performance


  • Could offer more flavors
  • Nicotine strength is limited to 2.4% (which shouldn’t be a problem for majority of users)

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